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School Logo

St. Teresa of Avila Logo created by Kiera P. – Grade 8, Mrs. Fabris’ class

Kiera is one of our fine Grade 8 graduates for 2022; she is a truly gifted artist, and we are honored that she took the time to design our school logo. Kiera summarizes how she came up with the words embedded in the Logo she created for our school:

Trust, Kindness, Solidarity and Hope- “I chose these four words our Logo because they truly describe what our school stands for!”

Trust- “I have always felt comfortable around everyone right from the get-go. There is such a keen sense of security at our school, everyone is incredibly supportive. I have noticed that if a student is being excluded someone will always go up to them to see if they are all right; and it truly warms my heart. At this school I feel a sense of belonging, I never have to put up a façade regardless of who I am with.”

Kindness- “Since I've been at STA, I've noticed that everyone is so welcoming. I was so comfortable with everyone right from the first day- it is so refreshing to know that I would have been ok. I mean c'mon- of course I was scared! It was my first day at a new school. But everyone here was so kind to me, it felt like I've been here for an eternity!”

Solidarity- “Now solidarity, that is a word that I think truly describes our school. Nobody is a stranger to each other- we are all so tightly knit together, that it feels more like family rather than just peers. I have noticed that everyone is there for each other, regardless of if they are friends or not. Ever since the girls in my grade welcomed me into their friend group, I felt like I really belonged. Not just the girls though, everyone made me feel at home right away!”

Hope- “I have noticed that every single one of the students and staff are incredibly supportive, they are so uplifting, it is incredible. I have always been inspired to let my creativity flow, which I am so grateful for. Hope is such a vague description, but this is how I see it. I am so extremely happy to have come to STA.”

We congratulate Kiera on the wonderful job she did in creating our school logo, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours as a proud graduate of STA.

Our Mission

Our Catholic School community acknowledges:
The centrality of Our Lord Jesus in our lives;
True freedom and dignity of the individual;
Justice and sensitivity in relationship among
All members of our community;
And that all children can learn and want to learn.
We believe that we are a true model of Catholic values and in partnership with the school board, parish and parent community, we strive to create an atmosphere of respect, academic excellence, and spiritual growth.
Together, we work to teach our children to become lifelong learners and confident, caring Christians.