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School Philosophy / Goals

Our primary concern and focus is on continuing to nurture and enhance a climate of interpersonal support, growth and development among faculty, students, parish and the community.

In terms of specific goals related to our school community, the following three areas of focus will be prioritized:

1. Academic:
Identification, monitoring and appropriate program strategizing to academically elevate our level two students to level three.

Utilization of EQAO, DRA, Running Records, P.M.Benchmarks, Term Reports, Guass Math Contest results, High
School results, and ongoing assessment/evaluation for provision of relevant data towards reflection and intervention strategies.

St. Teresa’s specific academic focus will be to raise the level two achieving students to level three particularly in Mathematics, where our staff has worked very hard.

Strategies to include: Divisional meetings re: identification, tracking, Divisional SRT meetings, academic strategies, School Improvement (SIP) Meetings.

2. Spiritual::
Continue our focus on prayer, liturgy, Christian Meditation, Christian relationships, adhere to the STA Bullying Prevention, Intervention and Follow Up Plan and our identity as a Catholic community.

Continue to engage and motivate our students and community towards full, meaningful engagement and participation as Catholics with a consistent and reverent reflection on Jesus Christ as our model of prayer, worship, love, forgiveness, and relationship with others.

3. Affective::

Strategies to include:

-Food Drives
-Terry Fox Run (Cancer)
-Christmas Charities -St. Vincent de Paul, St. Martins Manor, Good Shepherd